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Available bin sizes include: 140, 240, 360, 660 and 1100 litres

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War on Waste is committed to providing a reliable and completely flexible waste collection service in Dorset & Hampshire.

War on Waste should be your first point of call for all waste collection and recycling needs in Dorset and Hampshire. We pride ourselves on the reliable service that we provide to our loyal clients, both in commercial sectors and domestic. No matter how small or large the quantities, we have the equipment to get the job done.

You will never have to worry about collection being missed as we can operate up to seven days a week, only excluding Christmas Day and Boxing Day! We are also happy to work around you, so feel free to make collection requests that is at your convenience. From pre-paid bags to free bin rentals, we can do it all.

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    We work with a wide variety of clients and offer a diverse range of services.

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    Mauveworx is one of the UK’s largest point of sale print firms producing high end work for premier retailers.  As a result we use a multitude of substrates which in return produces large volumes of waste. Having War On Waste on-site has greatly helped us gain knowledge of how many substrates we use are actually recyclable. Before War On Waste began managing our waste in 2016 we sold some recyclables but were not able to get the best prices and much of the waste ended up being disposed of to landfill.

    War On Waste’s innovative approach means we have their operatives on-site collecting and sorting all waste.  We now recycle in excess of 85% of the materials and War On Waste Ltd achieve excellent rebates for us.

    With War On Waste managing our waste on-site I have confidence is saying our carbon footprint has been reduced along with overall Waste Management costs.


    Since starting our relationship with W.O.W they have helped us out with urgent jobs, found markets for commodities that we didn’t have and have been there with help and advice.

    I believe this will be a long and successful partnership.


    Our Clients

    We work with a wide variety of clients and offer a diverse range of services.

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