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General Waste Collections

Businesses such as restaurants, hotels, or pubs generate a large amount of trade waste and rubbish, including food waste. Choosing which bin and general waste options work best for your business can be difficult with so many companies offering similar services. However, it needn’t be with War on Waste and our general waste services.

We can offer you a reliable, comprehensive, and efficient general waste collection service. Our team will collect your trade waste and dispose of it in an environmentally friendly way that meets all legal obligations. Operating throughout the Dorset and Hampshire area, our service offers excellent value for money.

What is General Trade Waste?

General trade waste is material from businesses that cannot be recycled. This includes materials like non-recyclable plastic, waxed paper cups, hand towels, polystyrene, and more. Generally, items which are non-hazardous and cannot be recycled or reused should be placed with general waste.

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    Our General Waste Collection Services

    Here at War on Waste, we collect all your general trade waste and we can even sort it for you. Every business is different, which is why we tailor our waste collection to your business’ unique requirements.

    We offer completely flexible collection frequency, dependent on how much waste your business generates. For some types of waste, we can collect up to seven days a week or, if you only require infrequent collections, we can collect on request.

    War on Waste provides a range of waste collection services for small or large quantities of general trade waste. From a bag service to providing as many bins, both waste and recyclable, as you need, our team can help. We supply bins of all sizes, from 140 litre wheelie bins to 1100 litre Eurobins.

    Our team will ensure you have the right type and size of waste bins to match your waste volume. We will also ensure your waste containers match the space you have available at your business premises.

    Environmentally Friendly Waste Collection

    As a company that works hard to be environmentally friendly, we encourage any establishment to recycle where possible. From cardboard, paper, plastics, dry mixed recycling, glass bottles and more, we can provide you with bins for this at no extra charge. Food waste that we collect from your business will be used for fertiliser or converted into energy.

    To book a general waste collection, call War on Waste today on 01202 777166.

    Our Clients

    We work with a wide variety of clients and offer a diverse range of services.