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Rebate Recyclables

When it comes to commercial waste, you will find that some of it can be sold on for a profit. Not all commercial waste can be sold on, so it is important to reach out to a team such as War on Waste to advise and help you through this process. Our Rebate Recyclables service is the ideal solution when you have commercial waste to sell on.

Why are Recyclables so Valuable?

Your recyclable materials are now traded in the same way as other commodities are, with high demand recyclable materials obtaining high prices. This is because the increasing scarcity of raw materials and the development of UK waste processing infrastructure has created a significant worldwide market for them.

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    How War on Waste can help

    At War on Waste, we can capitalise on the commodity market and make you money from your recyclables. We have extensive knowledge of the waste industry and recyclable materials market, allowing us to identify any high value materials in your waste.

    Once the high value recyclables have been identified, we can collect and store them until the point of sale. Recyclable waste is now sold on weight, not on volume. However, as a company with vast experience and knowledge, we can obtain the best market price for your recyclables.

    At War on Waste, we will coordinate the sale of your recyclable materials so you don’t have to. We will then agree to divide the income with you. Our rebate recyclables service works on a case by case basis, so reach out on 01202 777166 to find out how we can help you.

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