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Scheduled Collections

As part of our extensive list of services, our team at War on Waste offers a variety of collection times depending on the type of waste. We also cater to your schedule, so if you would prefer infrequent collections, then our team can come to an arrangement with you.

How Does It Work?

To maintain an efficient system, our team schedules collections for all the various types of waste that need to be disposed of. When it comes to general waste and recycling, we offer a stellar service that collects your bins and bags separately.

What makes War on Waste stand out above our competitors is that we are entirely flexible in order to meet your needs. Much of our client base consists of businesses, such as hotels, which means that waste collections need to be scheduled for specific times and days. We offer our services to domestic clients, too, so why not take advantage of our flexibility?

We have a fleet of dust carts and vans at our disposal, so rest assured that we have the equipment at hand to deal with a range of quantities. We are an established business across Dorset and Hampshire, and we cover many locations, including:

  • Bournemouth
  • Poole
  • Christchurch
  • Surrounding Areas

Get in Touch

    If you need more supplies please get in touch via [email protected]

    When Do We Collect?

    As mentioned, our team at War on Waste are happy to schedule collections that suit you. Depending on the type of waste, our carts and vans can remove the bins and bags from your premises up to seven days a week.

    We understand, though, that infrequent collections may be best suited to you. We treat each client individually, therefore are prepared to work around your schedule while also implementing an efficient system. All you have to do is make a request and we can sort out an arrangement.

    Regardless of the size of the collection, our team at War on Waste carries out their fantastic services throughout the year. The only days where we cannot be called upon are on Christmas Day and Boxing Day.

    Why Choose Us?

    It is crucial that different types of waste are disposed of separately, so rest assured that when you enlist the services of War on Waste, we will arrange our collections for specific waste. For example, general, confidential and recycling will be sorted on an individual basis.

    Our reputation in the Dorset and Hampshire area has gone from strength to strength due to the fantastic work that we carry out. Due to the number of dust carts and vans that we possess, as well as our promptness and professionalism, we never miss a collection date.

    Find Out More

    Here at War on Waste, we vow to create a system that works for you. So, if you would like to learn more about our scheduled collections, then give us a call on 01202 777166.

    Our Clients

    We work with a wide variety of clients and offer a diverse range of services.