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Wheelie Skips

Undertaking a temporary project, whether large or small, can generate a huge amount of waste in a short amount of time. Knowing what to do with this waste; how to store it, how to dispose of it; is never simple. With so many waste disposal companies and options out there, it’s hard to know which one to choose. You want one that caters to your specifications whilst being affordable.

This is where War on Waste comes in to help with our wheelie skips. We provide large wheeled bins for temporary projects like garage clearances or building projects. If you are undertaking a project that will create a large amount of waste, we can help.

What are Wheelie Skips?

Wheelie skips are an alternative waste management method to a traditional skip. It is much larger than your household bin, meaning you can store more waste at any one time with less repeat trips to the local waste centre. A wheelie skip can be moved easily so as to be stored and located wherever you need it.

Due to their size and flexibility, wheelie skips can be transported in larger lifts, giving you an option to remove waste from multiple floors. Additionally, these need no permits unlike skips, saving you money.

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    Our Wheelie Skip Service

    Wheelie skips are becoming an increasingly popular choice, especially for domestic clients. At War on Waste, our services are second to none. We do not charge you for a bin rental, only for each empty of the bins.

    As wheelie skips can store a large amount of waste and don’t cost anything to hire, unlike traditional skips, you will find this option saves you money. Large Eurobins are oftentimes more useful and cost effective than a traditional skip because they are mobile and can contain up to 2 cubic metres of waste.

    War on Waste will deliver your wheelie skip on a day that suits you. When your wheelie skip is full, we can return to pick it up and dispose of the waste. Our aim is to make the waste disposal service as hassle free as possible for you. To order a wheelie skip today, please call 01202 777166.

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